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Bob Milner

About Bob Milner


The Woodlands is facing a period of potential transition and maturity that I believe will require fiscal leadership and community leadership with the potential for incorporation, mobility disruption, flood mitigation efforts and maintaining the great ambiance of our hometown’s parks, pools, paths and amenities. I see this campaign as the next evolution of my commitment in service to the place I love and call home.

Bob Milner


Yes, we can!

As a successful business leader, community servant, and fiscal conservative, Bob can and will serve on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors with honesty and integrity.

Business Leader

Entrepreneur & Teacher


Dog Rescuer


It was the biggest night in many generations for the Milner family. Bob had just graduated from high school. And now, that same evening, they were celebrating dad’s graduation from college — two momentous achievements for a family that lived on the wrong side of the tracks in Memphis, Tennessee. It was sweltering inside as Gene and Becky Milner, Bob, his two brothers and a sister celebrated in their three-bedroom, one-and-half bath duplex that lacked air conditioning. Gene was the fourth generation to serve as a law enforcement officer in Memphis, while Becky worked as a bank teller.

Bob naturally assumed he would be the fifth generation Milner to serve the citizens of the City of Memphis. But, he was surprised, and frankly disappointed, as his dad called him over to tell him he should go on to college instead of joining the police department to which Bob had always aspired. “There is a much bigger world out there,” his dad said.

Bob's dad2

It was not until after he served in the Air Force that Bob attended college at Ole Miss and Memphis State, majoring in Business and Statistics. His life experiences, to that point, told him to “create a path of significant impact.” Bob took up that challenge, working for companies like British Petroleum. But, BP - after placing him in New Jersey and Houston - wanted to move him to Hong Kong. He declined, and in 1991, Bob transitioned into the automotive industry in Houston at various dealerships, eventually learning every phase of the auto business while simultaneously completing work on his MBA degree at night. He now is proud to be a professor at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, teaching entrepreneurship.

In 2014, now as a recognized automotive dealer, Bob was invited to join the Mercedes-Benz venture in The Woodlands, where he had first lived in 1992. Today, we know Bob Milner as one of the most successful and respected leaders in The Woodlands’ business community, managing a diverse group of local and national companies. He soon became one of The Woodlands’ most generous philanthropists, following his own successful path to impact his dad’s advice to be aware that helping others is its own success.


Bob’s accomplishments in the business world were recently affirmed when he was named as a finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year. His service and contributions to The Woodlands were rewarded with his designation as a “Hometown Hero.” With three grown daughters and a son all forging their own careers, Bob and his wife of 25 years, Teresa, are eager to extend their community service to the business and quality of life of The Woodlands as Township Director, Pos. 7.

When asked what he had learned along the trials and tribulations of a journey that began with poverty, Bob Milner says: "Create what you need, not what you can take."